Plant Commissioning

Plant Commissioning

Our senior technical consultants have participated in the commissioning of major Canadian industrial facilities in SAGD, refineries, petrochemical, cogeneration, power generation and pulp & paper.

Contact us for specific start-up assistance.

Shutdown Inspections & Procedures

Shutdown Inspections & Procedures

Industry-specific procedures have been developed for shutdown inspections. We have coordinated inspection activities in hundreds of plants.

Training (Computer Modules & Inhouse)

Training (Computer Modules & Inhouse)

In-situ oilsands facilities training courses have been developed for industry wide as well as specific to individual companies. Please refer to our Oil Separation & Water Treatment (OSWT) area for details.

Oil Processing, De-oiling & Water Treatment Program Optimizations for SAGD Processes

Oil Processing, De-oiling & Water Treatment Program Optimizations

Our senior technical consultants specialize in site-specific troubleshooting of all in-situ thermal facilities. We strive to optimize your facilities in the most cost-effective manner.

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Root Cause and Troubleshooting Analyses

Root Cause and Troubleshooting

Various techniques have been utilized by our senior technical consultants to lead troubleshooting efforts. KT, lean sigma and similar processes have been successfully implemented in a wide variety of situations.

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Hazop and other Safety Reviews

Hazop and other Safety Reviews

All of our senior technical consultants have led / participated in Facilities Change Management hazard reviews. We can assist you in your stage-gate management of change processes.

Bid Preparation and Execution

Bid Preperation and Execution

As former corporate technical experts, our consultants can assist you with proven bid package development processes. We can help you succeed in choosing the best supplier services / programs specific to your facility.

Oil Separation & Water Treatment (OSWT) courses

Oil Seperation & Water Treatment courses

Our instructors are proven leaders and innovators in in-situ oilsands facilities. Please refer to our OSWT area for specifics on upcoming courses.